How to Use the Index

How to Use the Index

The Yerushalmi, also known as the Jerusalem Talmud, has been a closed book for many years, only accessible to scholars who were able to penetrate the language and mystery of the text. Today, with the help of many books and translations, the Yerushalmi is available to those who want to study it. As I studied the text, I realized how much of a treasure it is and shared interesting parts with friends and colleagues. However, I often found myself struggling to remember where I had found these interesting passages.

The Jerusalem Talmud Index is a solution to this problem. It offers search capabilities that go beyond searching for words or phrases. It allows users to search for individual words, as well as topics or ideas . The Jerusalem Talmud Index is a two-level search database that allows users to search for general concepts and subcategories within those concepts that link to all references in the Talmud on that subject.

The Jerusalem Talmud Index is easy to use and it is possible to find the exact source by trying multiple searches. For example, if you are searching for a source about a kohen who is a nazir in a cemetery, the Jerusalem Talmud Index may list it under ‘kohen’, ‘nazir’, ‘cemetary’, or ‘impurity’. The Jerusalem Talmud Index also includes categories that are not directly related to studying the text, such as ‘Cities of Israel’, ‘Sayings’, ‘Halachos and Their Sources’, ‘Sayings’, and interesting ‘Words’ which have a striking similarity to words we use today.

There are two ways to access the Jerusalem Talmud Index. The first way is to choose the first letter of the concept you wish to search. A menu will appear with all entries starting with that letter. Clicking on the choice below will access all Talmud entries in the Jerusalem Talmud Index on that subject. In case the desired entry isn’t there, it is still likely to be in the Index. You can use the search bar to search for any word, and the Jerusalem Talmud Index will respond with a list of any place within the Index where that word appears.

We are constantly working to improve the Jerusalem Talmud Index and welcome any comments or ideas to help improve it. Please contact us to share your thoughts.