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a wife whose husband absolved her of the requirement of swearing, the husband then dies and the wife now has to deal with his children

Bais Shammai and Bais Hillel declared certain marriages to be producing illegitimate children, yet they married into each other (when illegitimate people weren’t suspected)

children or woman (even a case of rape or mistake) of an inappropriate relationship are ineligible for kohen status

divided with no pattern or favoritism on Mount Gerizim and Eval, when counting the children of Jacob, their encampments with banners, their engraved names on the phon of the kohen gadol

feeding terumah to non kohanim children, slaves, eating outside Israel, less than an olive size, repayment doesn’t include the one fifth penalty, repayment isn’t sacred, kohen may forgive, penalty payment of one fifth indicated sacredness

minor children of idolators, soldiers of Nebuchadnezzar army, no world to come but no judgement either

sages didn’t want to set a precedent of people doing pesach sheni for their wives and children thinking that it is an obligation

shabbos food creates tevel and therefore obligates ma’aser, actions of children creating a ma’aser obligation

the kesubah value which went to her husband when she died will be inherited by her children upon his death (and not shared with children of his other marriages), this right is in force even if it wasn’t written in her kesubah

two wives of childless brothers who both claim their husbands died, one has witnesses, one has children, each had yibum done, new husbands died