Chullin 41 Results

ordinary unconsecrated food

barrels filled with terumah wine that got lost among many barrels filled with chullin wine

growths from terumah, growths of growths, halachic status, tevel, ma’aser, sefichin, terumah from outside Israel, mixture of chullin and terumah, bikkurim, hekdesh, ma’aser sheni, redeeming growths of hekdesh and ma’aser sheni

mixture of dough, some of the dough had challah removed and some didn’t, tevel and chullin mixed

planted rows of terumah and chullin that got mixed up, seeds that decompose or remain

terumah fell into 100 times chullin, ground it together, did ratios change ? Fell into less than 100 times and more chullin added later to make it more than 100 times more chullin than terumah, extra impurities in the mixture

terumah fell into chullin of less than or more than 100 times as much, some of that mixture fell into chullin, multiple times

wine in barrels designated as ma’aser sheni excludes the barrel if some of its contents are chullin