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Caesarea – Rabbi explain the meaning of a word

Amanah - limit to the north of where shemittah fruit may be brought

Ashkelon - outside Israel ?

Bais Netofah - purslane has a very late biur date

Bnai Chayil - Bror Chayil - Rabbi Yehoshua and his students went there to study Torah from Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakksi

border towns - more lenient in regard to shemittah

border towns with questions related to impurity, ma’aser, and shemittah, Chamesa of Pechal, Diklaya D’Bavel, Naveh, Darai, Botzraya, Pardeisa, Botzrah, Ammon, Moab, Ashkelon, Tyre, Yavlonah, Keziv, Amanah, Kiflaria, Egypt, Betzer, Kiflaria,

border towns, conquered by those who came from Babylon : Chomas road, Migdal Shid, Shinnah Dror, wall of Akko, fortress of Galilee, Kfar Asah, Bais Zevisah, Kuvaya, Milsah of Kir, Greater Burai, Taffies, Sanpatah, Mecharta of Yatir, road to Abathia, headwaters of Gaaton, Gaaton, Mei Sfar, Marcheshes, Migdal Charuv, greater Ulam, Nukbesa of Iyon, Yukras, Bar Sangara, upper Tarnegola of Caesarea Philippi, Trachon, Melach of Zarkai, Nimrin, Bais Sechel, Kenas, Refiach of Chagra, the great road to the desert, Cheshbon, Yabbok, Zered, Yigar Sahadusa, Rekem of Goah, gardens of Ashkelon

Caesarea - sages of Caesarea rule one must give up their life rather than be forced to sin in front of ten Jews

Chavran - Rabbi Chunya ruled that after growths of mustard are forbidden

Chikuk - Rabbi Shimon ben Lakish saw people eating mustard during shemittah

Ein Kushin - ate luf there, possibly right after shemittah

Keziv - limit to the north of where shemittah fruit can be brought

Lod - halachic decision made in the attic of Nitzah’s house

Nagnegad - Rabbi Yochanan ben Nuri repaired the partitions of a field

Panyas (Banyas) - Diocletianus persecuted the people of Panyas

Sennabris - town of Rabbi Levi

shemittah regions and sub-regions, Galilee region - upper Galilee, lower Galilee, the valley, Kfar Chananyah, Tiberias, Judeah region - mountains, lowlands, valley, Lod, Har Melech, Bais Choron, trans-Jordan

Susisa - also called Tov, not obligated in Ma’asros

Tiberias - parsaos fruits grow in 1 year in Tiberias, in Tzippori in 2 years

Tiberias - Rabbi Shimon ben Yochai wanted to improve Tiberias the way Yaakov improved Shechem in Genesis 33:18

Tzippori - parsaos fruits grow in Tzippori in 2 years, 1 year in Tiberias

Tzippori - residents asked a shemittah question

valley of Galilee is valley of Ginosar, mount of Judea is mountain of the king, valley of Judea is from Ein Gedi to Jericho, mountain of trans-Jordan is Machvar and Gedor, lowlands of Transjordan is Cheshbon, Devon, Bamos, Baal, Ba’al Me’on, valley of Transjordan is Bais Haram, Bais Nimrah, Sukkos, Tzafon, Bais Haram is Bais Ramasah, Bais Nimrah is Bais Nimrin, Sukkos is Dar’alah, Tzafon is Amsu